New Video : Watch the Low Mating Effort Battery Connectors Range in Action !

Low Mating Effort Battery Connectors in Video

As a new and exciting year begins, we are glad to introduce you our new Eaxtron video explaining the Low Mating Effort concept. Discover all the unique features this range has to offer in this 3 mn video.

In addition to the patented locking device and soft vortex contacts, have a full preview of our innovative contact loader "clip-on" system, easy voltage tracking cable clamps solution, flexible handles and high quality contact materials...

This new video also show reasons to go "Low Effort". Not only our soft contacts help to reduce the risks of Musculo Skeletal Disorders caused by the repetitive tasks of connecting and disconnecting plugs, but also give a more convenient solution to unmate connectors located in tough places.

Furthermore, the locking device grants a proper and safe connection. See how it works in this new Eaxtron video !

Please note that the Low Mating Effort Range connectors are available in 160 and 320 Amp versions.

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