French battery connector manufacturer

We use our technological know-how from highly innovative fields,  such as the aeronautics industry, to offer to our clients battery connectors unique on the market.

Our battery connectors are designed for electrical forklifts, scrubber dryers and similar applications.

Corporate Values

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At Eaxtron , our first focus is the User. The User's experience, safety and comfort on his day-to-day work. While associating experienced people from the battery connectors industry and highly creative and innovative engineers, we want to make it easier, safer and more efficient to use and install battery connectors.
These specific parts are at the core of the vehicle. As little as it seems, on they rely the efficiency of the electric flow, as well as the experience of use of the equipment on which it is plugged.
Starting from the market's priority, and working in a close relationships with our customers, we want to set new standards and provide new solutions to comply with your requirements.

our Team

In order to keep this close relationship with our customers, we can reach you anywhere on the globe.
Our sales agents are located in France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal Thailand and China.


Our team is glad to offer you a fast and qualified answer to each of your requests. If you need any additional information, or have any specific request, please contact us here.