Innovation : Low Mating Effort Range

These connectors reduce by 80% the effort needed to plug and unplug the connectors, thanks to our new patented and highly conductive contacts. Our Low Mating Effort connectors are available in 160 Amp and 320 Amp.

Low force connectors





10 Benefits from this Innovation

1. Comfort of Use

We developed a patented new type of contacts allowing to reduce by 80% the effort of connecting and disconnecting. The user's safety is our main focus. This technology helps to prevent the MusculoSkeletal Disorders that are caused by repetitive tasks and that is first work-related illness in Europe.

2. Unbreakable Handles

We designed flexible and unbreakable handles1.

lockingdevice3. Safety

Our patented locking device grants the good mating of the contacts while providing a never-seen-before safety solution. After thousands of cycles, the resistance between male and female connectors tend to lower on common contacts. With this locking device, you are 100% sure your connectors are well connected, and won't disconnect no matter what.

vortex4. High conductivity

The very unique shape of the Vortex clip - included in the female contacts - increases the contact points between the male and the female contacts. The contacts and Vortex clip material is CuA1 (Cu-ETP) plated with silver to ensure the best conductivity and durability.

selfcentering5. Color Coded Cable Clamps

Identify your battery voltage easily thanks to those color coded cable clamps. In addition to the coding pins, these cable clamps allows you to track from distance your battery voltage, or the type of battery you use to avoid any mismatch.

6. Prevent the cables' damages

These cable clamps are also self-centering, which means they will keep your wires in a proper position to avoid any twist and any cuts.

haute-technologie7. Made In France

We are at the center of our production cycle and from our Reasearch and Development laboratories. This way, we can grant you highly reactive and controlled deliveries.

coupe8. UNIQUE

This patented solution has NO equivalent on the market and brings a significant additional value to your equipment.


We designed a clip-on contact loader to ease the wiring of your connectors. After crimping or soldering the contact to the wire, you only need to clip them on the contact loader, as well as the auxiliaries, air tubes or pilot contacts we provide you, and then clip everything within the housing. Easy, Fast and Safe.

tubair10. No additional pieces

No additional pieces are required to adapt the air tubes, auxiliary contacts or pilot contacts to the contact loader.

+ advantages

  • - 80 % Effort
  • 100% Safely locked connectors
  • Unbreakable Handles1
  • Clip on contact loader
  • Color Coded Cable Clamps
  • Contact material : CuA1 (Cu-ETP) with 6 microns silver plating
  • Housing in PA6 GF 30
  • Housing flammability V-0
  • IP Rating : IP23

+ more

1 In normal use